Wildlife Holidays

“Experience the stunning beauty and curious nature of weird and wonderful creatures on a wildlife holiday.”

From awe-inspiring African safaris to the fascinating fauna of the Galapagos Islands, our world is inhabited by some incredible creatures, and a wildlife holiday helps you get closer to these wonders.

The most popular wildlife destination is of course Africa, where the Big Five and other majestic creatures roam the savannahs, creating unforgettable moments suitable for all the family. Sprawling national parks and mighty rivers await, each boasting its own wealth of residents. Perhaps you wish to explore the creatures of the Far East, where many endemic species reside in spectacular island settings. A highlight is definitely Borneo, whose rainforests are home to the mysterious orang-utan as well as a myriad of exotic birds. Many of our holidays also offer the chance to explore thriving marine landscapes, with fascinating spots for diving and snorkelling aplenty.

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