"Go ahead, treat yourself with a Christmas holiday."

Whether you fancy a festive break or a place to get away from it all, December offers a wide variety of travel options for all desires.

European Christmas Markets

From November onwards, those little huts pop up in cities across Europe as vendors descend to sell their traditional festive wares. European Christmas Markets are a great place to eat, drink, and be merry, so where has the best selection? A popular choice is Hamburg, which offers a vast 15 markets to cater to all tastes. In Austria, Innsbruck is the destination of choice, where romantic medieval houses nestle within the mountains.


With the hurricane season over, the weather in the Bahamas returns to its reliably sunny self, and the islands’ glorious beaches beckon. The Bahamas is a popular destination over the Christmas period, and the nation is in high spirits during these times. The vibrant Junkanoo festival is celebrated on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, which sees colourful street parties and parades held across the country. 

Phuket, Thailand

The beginning of December sees royal festivities take over the island of Phuket, as the annual King’s Cup Regatta arrives. Founded in 1987 to commemorate the current monarch’s 60th birthday, the week-long event quickly became Asia’s top yacht race. Alongside all things sailing, expect roaring parties and of course those long, sunny Phuket days.


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