"June is a great time to travel, and it’s the last full month that the kids are still at school."

Temperatures across Europe will be high by now, making Mediterranean holidays a reliable option. As for long-haul trips, wildlife watchers may enjoy a visit to Tanzania or Kenya during June, as stunning landscapes await following the rainy season.

Feast of St Anthony, Lisbon, Portugal

St Anthony is the patron saint of Lisbon, and on his feast day, the city goes wild for sardines. The capital oozes with the aromas of grilled fish as they are cooked outside of houses and restaurants. This delicious event represents the tale of St Anthony confiding in fish after the townspeople would not hear his sermons. You can also expect to see the tradition of mass weddings and people pressing prayers and bread rolls into the frame of St Anthony’s portrait. 

Budapest festivals, throughout June

June is the month of beer in the Hungarian capital, with four festivals all in a row running through the summer month. The jam-packed itinerary of events begins with the Fozdefeszt Craft Beer Festival and end with the beer festival in Joszefvaros. If you love food and beer you’ll be in your element, plus the beautiful surroundings of one of Europe’s most handsome cities adds a cultural charm.

Cappadocia, Turkey

The otherworldly landscape of Cappadocia in central Turkey encases a subterranean world that’s over 2,000 years old. The dryness of the rugged environment makes the region seem almost lunar, with unique ‘fairy chimneys’ that reach skywards adding the area’s mystical charm. The fairy-tale vibe continues if you opt to take your accommodation within a natural cave – this place really is magical. Be sure to take a hot air balloon to view the landscape from an alternative perspective. 

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