"Europe’s weather in March can be unpredictable, with many counties still feeling the cold of winter."

It is advisable, therefore, to look further afield if you strive for some spring sun, with great weather on offer across Asia. If you’re after a city break, perhaps look to the southern cities of Florence or Seville for some low-season culture-vulturing.

Sri Lanka

Stunning Sri Lanka has it all: glorious beaches, ancient ruins and a wealth of wildlife. Make the most of your trip and try to see as much as possible – you won’t regret taking a jam-packed tour of this incredible island. A visit in March will see you catch the end of the peak season, and should guarantee you long, hot days.


Late March is one of the most picturesque times of the year to visit Japan due to the arrival of the beautiful sakura, or cherry blossom. Visit Tokyo or Kyoto and wander through some of the handsome parks, made even more stunning by the brilliant displays of colour and the floral fragrances. The Japanese take the arrival of the sakura very seriously, with round-the-clock news reports keeping people updated on when and where the flowers will first appear.


Cuba’s tropical climate sees hot and sunny weather year round, but March lies within the dry season, which offers comfortable, less humid conditions. Make the most of this culturally rich island – wander the streets of Havana and soak up the colourful lifestyles of the locals; think music, dancing and free-flowing rum.


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